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Educating an Industry

TRACS offers a number of courses

Our first course, the Introductory Guide for Sectional Title Owners, is where you can learn the basics about ownership or rental, as well as managing a Community Scheme in South Africa. You’ll get to know who the trustees are, who the chairman is, and what their respective responsibilities and day-to-day tasks involve. You will also understand your own position in terms of what you are entitled to and what you may need to get approval for.

In this course, we also touch on who a managing agent is and what their role is in ensuring your Sectional Title Scheme is well maintained. This free and first course is relevant and useful to all adults who own, plan to buy or occupy a property within a Sectional Title Scheme in South Africa.

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Introductory Guide for Sectional Title Owners

This guide is the first course we currently offer owners, investors, renters and managing agents. Here you can learn about the basics of living within a Sectional Title Scheme in South Africa, and where you will begin to understand the basic benefits, rules and regulations of owning a property in the Sectional Title space. All our current courses are free and offered in five different languages. Simply click on your preferred language below to start learning with TRACS today!

We Support Inclusive Learning

All our courses are FREE and available in 5 of our 11 official languages – English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Sepedi, and Xhosa! This means you can upskill and become proficient in the Community Scheme space by simply registering and starting a course with us today.

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"Teachers open the door, but you must enter yourself.”

Chinese proverb

In later courses (which will become available soon), we take a more in-depth look at what it means to be a property owner in South Africa. In the upcoming Introductory Course, for example, you will learn about some of the laws that govern property ownership, letting and management, and how these can be applied to everyday scenarios. Whether you are a unit owner, who has recently been appointed as a trustee or chairman, or a person who is passionate about the property space in general, this course will help you make the best day-to-day decisions within your Community Scheme.

Following this, the TRACS Intermediate and Advanced courses will become available for those individuals who wish to become an expert in the sectional title environment. Managing agents, property investors, real estate brokers and the likes would most likely benefit from this course. This is where you gain in-depth insight into what the property sphere looks like in South Africa, and what kinds of amendments have recently been made to South African property law, as well as the consequences of this for you as an individual and for the industry as a whole.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

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